Latest The Crew Trailer Highlights Customization

Ubisoft has released another The Crew trailer and this one focuses on the game’s customization options.

Exploring the lush, varied landscapes of the U.S. and racing in a world inhabited by thousands of other drivers require three things for one to be successful: performance, adaptation, and… style. In The Crew, all three work in perfect harmony, as each driver strives to harness every ounce of power, negotiate every terrain, and turn every head with their car. With the infinite possibilities for tuning spec, interior and exterior part combinations, every driver has the potential to customize, stand out and win out in the world of The Crew.

Racing out on December 2 for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, Ubisoft recently rolled out a closed beta for The Crew, with another one planned in November.

Are you looking forward to The Crew or has another racing game already scratched your need for speed?