Destiny Launch Ranks Among the Top 10 All-Time in the US

Yesterday, Sony revealed a bunch of statistics about Destiny’s performance since launch, including how it’s sold the most copies on PlayStation 4 worldwide, it’s the most-played title on PS4, and more. Meanwhile, the September 2014 NPD report confirmed Destiny is the most successful launch in the United States so far this year.

Today, Activision announced that Destiny’s launch ranks among the top 10 all-time in the United States, once you factor in retail, digital, and hardware bundle sales, according to the NPD and Activision estimates. So, not only is Destiny the biggest new IP launch in history and biggest launch of 2014 so far, it’s also in the top 10 biggest launches of all-time in the US.

Additionally, Activision says, “It’s the only new video game franchise in the top 30 all-time based on U.S. retail sales in the launch month,” according to the NPD.

Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg talked about the success:

We’re, of course, ecstatic that Destiny has set sales records. But what we’re most excited about is that this is a game that millions of fans can’t seem to stop playing. A month after launch, people are still playing Destiny an average of three hours per day, which is phenomenal engagement. Bungie is making weekly updates to the game based on player feedback so there’s even more great gameplay to come.

How much do you play Destiny each day?