Visceral “Disappointed” by Players Judging Battlefield Hardline’s Size by Its Beta

October 18, 2014Written by Zarmena Khan


In an interview with VG247, Steve Papoutsis of Visceral Games, has said that he was slightly disappointed by certain comments made by players following the Battlefield Hardline beta. He was referring to feedback from players who judged the game’s size based on the beta. When asked if Visceral was surprised by more vocal feedback, Papoutsis said:

What was weird, and a little bit disappointing, was some people thought that was the whole game. “This game is only one map and two modes? This sucks! You’re going to charge $60 for this?” What we released was a very small piece of the game.

Papoutsis went on to say that people seem to have a different understanding now of what a beta is compared to his generation’s understanding of it. 

My generation has a different understanding of what a beta is versus some new folks who think it’s a demo. It’s not, it’s pre-release software, it’s a portion of the game. That was the most unexpected feedback we saw from people.

Battlefield Hardline was originally scheduled for release this month. However, the game was delayed into early 2015 following the beta. Visceral said that it wanted to introduce some changes proposed by players, and that doing so would require additional time.

[Source: VG247]