Battlefield 4 Lawsuit Favors EA, Says the Company Did Not Knowingly Mislead Customers

Last year, EA investors filed a lawsuit against the company, claiming that EA purposefully and knowingly made it seem like the quality of Battlefield 4 was better than it really was in an effort to boost sales.

The lawsuit claimed that EA senior executives were well aware that the game was riddled with bugs, and yet purposefully did not disclose that information to the public. However, a U.S. District Judge has found that EA did not mislead potential customers, but instead was just showing “corporate optimism” about Battlefield 4.

U.S. District Judge Susan Illston noted in the court case files that the complaint did not give enough details or show enough evidence to prove that EA knowingly made false statements. What do you think about the ruling? Would you have let EA off the hook?

[Source: Gamasutra]