Former EA CEO John Riccitiello to be the New CEO of Unity

Former EA CEO John Riccitiello will once again, be the head of a company, as Riccitiello will be stepping in to take the CEO spot for game engine company, Unity.

Riccitiello will be replacing Unity co-founder David Helgason, though Helgason won’t be leaving the company entirely as he’ll continue as the Executive Vice President in charge of strategy and communications. 

For the former EA CEO’s part, he’s been on Unity’s Board of Directors since November 2013; mere months after he vacated his post at EA (February 2013). And of course, you can’t have a new CEO announcement without some new words from the new boss.

Unity has been a hugely positive force in the games industry for years. Now it’s my incredible fortune to have the opportunity to help guide Unity going forward…Unity is more than a great engine or packages of services, it’s an amazing and diverse community of developers, many of which are changing the way we think about game design and production. Unity’s mission — to democratize development — is an important one that I’m very happy to help drive forward.

We wish Riccitiello all the best in his new job.

[Source: GamesIndustry]