Sunset Overdrive Twitter Account Thanks PlayStation for Using Their Font in PSN Ad

When Sony debuted their Sale of the Dead yesterday, many people noticed that the font resembled that of Insomniac Games’ upcoming Xbox One-exclusive Sunset Overdrive.


As it turns out, the people running Sunset Overdrive’s Twitter account noticed this too, and they made sure to thank the people at PlayStation for supporting their new game:

Responding to various people through Twitter, they added, “It’s clearly Sunset Overdrive’s font. We’re glad they like it. As we said originally” and “the font is called “Overdrive Sunset” was made based off our original logo, and is public/free w/ our blessing.” You can check out the font by heading over here.

If you’re worried about any bad blood as a result of this, the Twitter account said, “It’s fine if others use it! Like we said, we’re glad people are excited and like our game’s logo font!” Additionally, they pointed towards the PlayStation 4 remake of Ratchet & Clank when saying, “There’s no bad vibes! We’re happy & still working on projects w/ Sony too!”

What do you think PlayStation’s reasoning was for using the Sunset Overdrive font?

[Source: Sunset Overdrive (Twitter) via Eurogamer]