Far Cry 4’s Multiplayer Mode Isn’t Locked Behind a Paywall

Far Cry 4’s development team took to Twitter earlier this week to clarify that the game’s multiplayer mode will not be locked behind a paywall. Far Cry 4’s official Twitter account tweeted:

Let’s clear something up: Multiplayer ships with the game! The DLC Content offers an additional mode, but the MP party begins day 1 for all!

Creative Director Alex Hutchinson also chipped in to clear the confusion:

Just so it’s clear: Multiplayer is for everyone who buys FC4, no need to buy anything else. There is an extra mode in DLC.

The extra mode being referred to is called “Overrun,” which is included in the Far Cry 4 season pass. When the pass was announced, it paved way for confusion, with some assuming that the multiplayer mode might not be available to those who didn’t own the pass.

All clear now!

[Source: Far Cry 4 (Twitter), Alex Hutchinson (Twitter)]