Avalanche Founder on Just Cause 3 Concerns: “You Have Nothing to Worry About”

November 7, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


Cleverly, and without confirming it exists, Avalanche Studios Founder Christofer Sundberg went on Twitter after the leaked screenshots of what appear to be Just Cause 3 hit the internet, revealing that it isn’t a free-to-play title:

The F2P game that came out in 2009 is The Hunter.

According to Eurogamer, a source close to the project who asked to remain anonymous confirmed the first image in the gallery below is of Just Cause 3’s Black Market, which allows you to buy items at any point.

Eurogamer goes on to state that the PC version was once planned to be F2P, with the console versions offered at a fee with optional micro-transactions, but that seems to have now changed.

There’s a chance we won’t have to much longer to learn about Just Cause 3, with Sundberg tweeting:

Were you worried that Just Cause 3 might have been F2P?

[Source: Christofer Sundberg (Twitter), Eurogamer via GameSpot]