PS4 Firmware Update 2.02 Also Fixes Dragon Age: Inquisition Crashing

When PlayStation 4 firmware update 2.02 came out this week, Sony’s official patch notes said, “System software stability during use of some features has been improved.” Following its installation, many users reported quicker speeds with the PS4’s messaging system, and thanks to reviewers, we know it also improved the experience with Dragon Age: Inquisition.

After we let you know in our review that numerous issues with the PS4 version of Inquisition prevented reviewers from connecting to the internet, IGN and Polygon posted articles about how their copies of the game experienced bugs and crashes as a result of PS4 firmware update 2.00.

Following some back and forth between them and Sony/EA prior to the release of firmware 2.02, the sites were given PS4s with a beta version of 2.02 installed, and after some testing, they’ve confirmed the issues are fixed.

BioWare General Manager Aaryn Flynn commented on the pre-2.02 problems:

While unfortunate timing, we worked with Sony since the issue was discovered and are committed to ensuring it does not impact players by launch.

So, before picking up Dragon Age: Inquisition next week, make sure you connect your PS4 to the internet and install firmware update 2.02.

[Source: Polygon, IGN]