Alien: Isolation Update 1.03 on PS4 Fixes Patch 1.02 Issues (Update 2)

November 13, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


Update 2:

Creative Assembly has issued a new patch for the PS4 version that should fix all the reported problems with 1.02:


Although it’s not a fix, Creative Assembly detailed a workaround on how you can revert your copy of Alien: Isolation back to version 1.01 after downloading the problematic patch 1.02:

  1. Uninstall Alien: Isolation from your PS4, being careful to retain your save games.
  2. Reinstall Alien: Isolation to your PS4.
  3. Download and install patch v1.01 from the PlayStation Network.

They add, “We will reissue a new patch for PS4 soon that will address the original cut-scene issues.”

Original Story:

When patch 1.02 for Alien: Isolation on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One was released yesterday, it was designed to address “issues with the playback of cutscenes.”

After people downloaded and installed the patch though, numerous issues with the game were reported on PS4, including error code CE-34878-0 and the inability to load save files.

These widespread problems caused the development team to say yesterday:

We’re aware that some people are experiencing problems on PS4 with Patch 1.1. We’re looking into it now and hope to have an update shortly.

The most recent update came this morning when they said, “We’re aware that there’s a problem and are looking into a fix.”

We’ll let you know when Creative Assembly issues an update to fix these problems, but in the meantime, it’d be best to avoid downloading the latest update for Alien: Isolation on PS4 if you can.

Have you experienced any crashing with your copy of Alien: Isolation?

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