Blacklight: Retribution Offers Players Free Goodies for Its Anniversary Celebration

For anyone that still enjoys the free-to-play shooter, Blacklight: Retribution, Zombie Studios is giving out some free goodies for the game’s anniversary celebration.

Retribution launched last November on the PS4, and to celebrate, Zombie is giving players a free code that can be used to get some free stuff. By redeeming the code XCLMNDBNLFIFMBBK on the main menu of the game, players will receive:

  • 1 free permanent weapon receiver
  • 1 free 30 day hero skin.

Not only that, but Zombie has also announced that the previously undisclosed patch 2.08, called “Icestorm,” will be one of the game’s larger updates. It will include a new, snowy map, new weapons, and new items. Of course, players will first have to wait for patch 2.07 to come out, which Zombie has said is coming soon and will re-work the party system.

What do you think of these free goodies and upcoming updates? Will you be adding the free content into your Blacklight: Retribution game?

[Source: PlayStation Blog]