Robert Bowling’s Robotoki Studio Hit by Layoffs, Human Element Will be a “Premium” Product

Indie game studio, Robotoki, which was founded by ex-Infinity Ward developer, Robert Bowling, has been hit by layoffs. Gamasutra reports that the layoffs are a consequence of Robotoki abandoning the free-to-play model for its upcoming title, Human Element, in favor of releasing the game as a “premium product.” The company has also ended its publishing agreement with Nexon. 

In an email to Gamasutra, Bowling said:

As the game evolved we realized that the elements that make Human Element the most fun would be hindered by keeping it a free-to-play experience. Therefore, we made the decision to switch to a premium experience for our players; which also meant that working with the premier publisher in free-to-play was no longer the best partnership fit for the game we were creating.

A Nexon America representative stated that the publishing agreement was ended mutually as Human Element “no longer aligns with the Nexon portfolio.”

A release date for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game has not been announced yet.

[Source: Gamasutra]