Report: PS4 Expected to Cost $113 Less Than the Xbox One in China

According to Chinese media site, the PlayStation 4 will cost potential buyers in China roughly around $113 less than the Xbox One would cost them when it releases.

The post, translated by Kotaku, explains that the PS4’s price will be around 2,999 RMB ($487), while the Xbox One will cost around 3,699 RMB ($600). The Xbox One console that includes the Kinect will be even pricier, costing potential buyers in China around 4,299 RMB ($699).

The PS4 and the PS Vita are expected to launch in China on December 11 during a press conference. There will be around 50 games available for purchase on the PS4 right off the bat, and most of those will be previously released titles that have been translated into Chinese.

What do you think of the massive price difference? And is it justified in your eyes?

[Source: WPDang via Kotaku, A9VG via Gematsu]