Resogun Defenders DLC, Major Update Coming in Early 2015

Fresh off announcing that Resogun is coming to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, Sony also took the opportunity today to reveal that the next piece of DLC for Resogun is releasing in early 2015.

Priced at $4.99 (or free to Season Pass holders), the Resogun: Defenders expansion includes two all-new game modes called Protector and Commando, some new ships, and all new planets featuring some of Housemarque’s “most detailed artwork to date.” We’ll get more details about Defenders in the coming weeks, though you can check out the above trailer for a brief glimpse.

Also releasing in early 2015 is a “major content patch” free to all Resogun owners. Code-named Challengers, the update will add “new challenges and feats stretching across all existing game modes and will let you earn challenge points to increase your rank as a Resogun pilot.”

There was no word if any of the Resogun DLC will come to PS3 or PS Vita.

Both the Defenders and content patch on PS4 will be playable at PlayStation Experience this weekend.

[Source: PS Blog]