Sony Says PS4 Sales Conditions in US Last Month Were “Tougher” Due to Xbox One Price Cut

Discussing PlayStation 4 sales this holiday with Reuters, Sony Computer Entertainment President Andrew House revealed that they are having trouble keeping up with demand in Europe, and as a result, there’s potential for the system to be “quite inventory challenged” for a second year in a row.

While House wouldn’t give hard sales figures for Europe, he did say they’re trying to deal with the demand. “I’m not going to say you won’t be able to find a PlayStation 4,” he added. “I think it’s going to be kind of hand to mouth in terms of that market.”

In the United States, the Xbox One won November 2014 when it comes to overall console sales, and House admitted that conditions were “tougher” last month due to the Xbox’s holiday price cut. So far in December, he says PS4 sales are on target with their expectations.

Meanwhile, in Japan, House says the market is “challenged,” with gamers deciding to play games on mobile devices, rather than consoles.

Are you having any trouble finding a PS4 this holiday?

[Source: Reuters]