Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare “Blackscoping” Makes Snipers Overpowered

Even though Sledgehammer had announced that quick-scoping would be banned in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, it looks like a possible bug is allowing players to use a technique called “blackscoping.”

As explained in the above video, by starting to bring up the scope of a sniper rifle and firing immediately, shots will always fly completely straight, as there will be no sway. Ultimately, that means snipers will be able to use their weapons accurately up close as shotgun-esque guns, or from far away, giving them an unfair advantage.

It is not known yet if Sledgehammer will takes measures to fix this or not, but in the mean time, be aware of players who might use this technique to their own advantage. Or, on the flip-side, use this technique yourself, as long as you don’t mind a horde of angry CoD players screaming at you. What do you think of blackscoping?

[Source: Daniel Kross (YouTube) via MP1st]