Sony Santa Monica Will Have “Great Surprises” for 2015, February 2014 Was “One of the Darkest Time in Our Studio History”

In a posting on the Sony Santa Monica website, Studio Head Shannon Studstill looked back at the year that was, while also looking forward to the year we have ahead of us.

Of course, no look back could be done without highlighting the cancellation of the new IP they were working on and the layoffs of many people on the team. Studstill reflected on “one of the darkest times” in the history of Sony Santa Monica:

In February we went through one of the darkest times in our studio history, shuttering a project that had been in development for quite some time and loosing a significant amount of team members. That was one of the most challenging days of my career.

In this age of the gaming industry, recovering from such a significant loss is an immense challenge. We would not have been able to do it if it were for a number of individuals who believe in the foundation of our studio, and the promise to our fans that we will continue our tradition of inventive and exceptional games.

Studstill also highlighted Internal Creative Director Cory Barlog’s contributions over the past year, saying, “Cory Barlog rallied around the creative vision of the internal project, stronger than ever. This project will be our next major stamp on the PlayStation 4.” She didn’t mention whether or not this project would be the new God of War title Barlog teased at PlayStation Experience.

For 2015, Studstill said it “will be full of great surprises!” She added, “With no promises on what glimpses of our AAA PlayStation 4 Internal project will bring, but this upcoming year for Santa Monica Studio is going to be significant.”

In terms of collaborations with other studios next year, we’ll see Fat Princess: Piece of Cake on PlayStation Vita in January 2015, The Order: 1886 on PlayStation 4 in February 2015, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture on PS4 in 2015, and Fat Princess Adventures on PS4 in 2015. We’ll also hear about Wattam and What Remains of Edith Finch “at various points” in 2015.

Aside from games, March 2015 will see Sony Santa Monica celebrating 10 years of God of War “in a special anniversary celebration for our fans. Hey, that’s you. We’re looking forward to this.”

Studstill then hinted heavily at the PlayStation Experience event coming back in 2015:

And while I’m sure the PlayStation Experience will be back for Round 2 sometime late next year, we expect that Santa Monica Studio will play a significant role in it yet again.

Do you think we’ll hear more about the new God of War in March?

[Source: Sony Santa Monica]