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PSP Sees 18% Japanese Sales Increase for Holidays, Comeback Begins

Brace yourselves.

Vita means life? Well PSP means resurrection.

Last week’s PSP sales in Japan saw the system sweeping six units off store shelves. But the newest round of Media Create hardware sales have it back up to seven. This shows an 18% increase in sales. What this means is, for every six PSPs sold two weeks ago, a seventh bonus PSP was sold. If these trends continue…


I’ve been following video game sales chart reporting for a long time, so I know that when an increase happens like this, it means I need to get my ass on here and hype that shit to the hype shit moon where Hypey Hyperton can read that hyped shit and go, “Oh shit, hype!”


(And by that I mean, I hate when headlines make huge deals out of nothing at all — temporary blips in charts whose effects will be negated after a month. It happens all the time, and the above is me making fun of it by hyping up the fact that PSP did indeed sell seven units last week, up from six two weeks ago. The system is no longer in production, and this is simply leftover stock getting cleared off of shelves.)

For what it’s worth, here are the charts according to Media Create, which are a little different from Famitsu’s:

3DS -196,274

Wii-U – 43,950

Vita – 43,495

PS4 – 33,150

PS3 – 12,578

XB1 – 1,162

360 – 121

PSP -7

So that happened.