Kingdom Hearts III Release Date Still Unannounced, Square Enix Confirms After Twitter Mistake

For anyone who may have seen the announcement that Kingdom Hearts III is coming out this year, that may have been a bit of a goof.

According to a recent Square Enix Twitter post, the release date of the long awaited game is still up in the air. This announcement was made following a Twitter post by Bill Farmer, an actor who voices Goofy and other characters in the Kingdom Hearts games, that said the title would be released sometime in 2015.

Although Square Enix’s post is disappointing, at least the company didn’t say that Kingdom Hearts III will not come out this year, meaning that we may still have a chance to get it in 2015. When do you think the popular title will come out? Were you disappointed by the announcement?

[Source: Bill Farmer (Twitter), Square Enix USA (Twitter) via GameSpot]