Dying Light Novel “Nightmare Row” Announced, Will Tie-In to the Game

In case you can’t get enough of Dying Light, Techland has announced “Nightmare Row,” a Dying Light novel that will tie-in to the main game. It will be a prequel that will feature what happened in the days prior to the outbreak that decimated Harran.

Dying Light: Nightmare Row is written by Raymond Benson, an author of over 30 published titles, which include the official follow-up to the James Bond novels commissioned by the Ian Fleming Estate.

Plot synopsis follows below:

Dying Light: Nightmare Row tells the terrifying story of Mel Wyatt, an 18-year-old American athlete who participated in the Harran 2015 Global Athletic Games two weeks earlier. As one of many Americans stranded in Harran as a result of the outbreak, Mel has been surviving with her little brother, Paul, in an isolated hotel – their parents were killed on the first day of the Infected attacks on the stadium. Thus begins a tense and ticking time bomb thriller of survival.

Official price and release date for Dying Light: Nightmare Row will be revealed soon.

As for the game, you can check out over 90-minutes of gameplay footage here; or you can pre-order Dying Light now to gain access to its PvP mode.