Destiny Adds Doubles Skirmish to The Crucible

While most of the attention this week in Destiny was for Crota’s End Hard Mode, Bungie isn’t leaving those who prefer the Crucible behind, with Doubles Skirmish being added to competitive multiplayer.

Calling Doubles the “first experiment” in theoretical game modes mentioned in December, Design Lead Lars Bakken says it is “a slower burn with more explosive pockets.”

Featuring two Guardian Fireteams, Heavy ammo appearing once a match, and revives enabled, Doubles has you relying more on your wits, weapon, and strategy with the other player on your team. “Your Supers will come back more slowly because you’re not getting as many actions per minute as you would in a game of Control,” he says.

“The goal here was about taking the rules we already have and mixing them up to create a fresh experience,” Bakken adds. “Each player has the full weight of winning or losing placed squarely on their shoulders and nobody to blame but themselves… or their teammate. No pressure.”

Elsewhere in the Bungie Weekly Update, the developer revealed that over 550,000 Raids had been launched just 24 hours after Crota’s End Hard Mode went live, which could translate to over 3.3 million Guardians taking part. “Those stats made this the largest stampede yet – more than double the population of the very first run on Atheon.”

As Destiny is constantly being updated and tweaked, Bungie concluded by saying, “Behind the scenes, we’re still looking forward. We’re working every day to make Destiny perform better and give you new reasons to blow our minds with your contributions to the world we all share.” Expect more details on the next updates soon.

Are you going to try out Doubles Skirmish this weekend? Have you visited Xur yet?

[Source: Bungie]