Resident Evil Revelations 2 Raid Mode Detailed, Gameplay Video Shows it Off

With less than a month to go until the first episode of Resident Evil Revelations 2 releases on February 24, Capcom have detailed Raid Mode – a run-and-gun mode that debuted in the first Revelations.

Most importantly, Raid Mode will be offline-only at launch, allowing for either solo play or split-screen co-op. Then, “shortly after” the final episode and retail disc come out in mid-March, online play will be added. “The team has completed work on the story mode content and is now ensuring online Raid co-op will function as expected,” Capcom said on their website, “while this means a slight delay in online play, the feature will be present down the road.”

As for how you’ll unlock Raid Mode, Capcom explained:

When you buy Episode 1 on February 24, it will include Claire and Barry’s story mode content and 54 Raid Mode missions spread across three difficulty settings. When subsequent episodes release they will also contain numerous additional Raid Mode maps – Episodes 2 and 3 will each add 36 missions to the mode, while Episode 4 tops things off with another 68 missions. All told there will be over 200 increasingly difficult missions; former Raid Mode players will recall how intense some of the maps and enemy waves became towards the end.

Looking at new content in Raid Mode this time around, you’ll find maps from Revelations 1, Revelations 2, and Resident Evil 6, along with new weapons, custom parts for those weapons, four times as many character skills, unlocks that can make your character unique, and bad guys who have “lots more tricks up their nasty sleeves.”

In total, 15 characters will be playable in Raid Mode, with each new episode adding more people (Hunk comes in the digital Complete Season; Wesker and Hunk come in the retail disc). So far, Claire, Moira, Barry, and Gina have been revealed in addition to Hunk and Wesker, with Capcom adding, “If you end up buying each Episode a la carte, you’ll get the Episode-related characters with each new Episode, and Hunk/Wesker will be available as paid DLC.”

To see Raid Mode in action, skip to 7:00 of the above gameplay video.

While the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 versions start their release schedule on February 24, the PlayStation Vita version is still only scheduled for Spring 2015.

[Source: Capcom Unity]