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Resistance Trademark Filed by Sony in Europe, Stirs Rumors

Are you a fan of Resistance? If so, you might be interested to know that Sony has just filed a new trademark for Resistance in Europe, one that falls under the categories of computer games, games and toys, and electronic games.

On NeoGAF, where user Rösti broke the news, the community appears divided on whether or not the trademark indicates a new game, an HD collection, or some Resistance games coming to PlayStation Now. Of course, some people commenting on the post have also said it could be that Sony simply wants to protect the Resistance name, but let’s hope they are instead trying to develop a new game

Why do you think the new trademark was filed? Are you hoping for a new game, an HD collection, or something else? We here at PlayStation LifeStyle will update you on the real reasons behind the filing when more information becomes accessible.

[Source: OHIM via NeoGAF]