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Gamer Academy – Dying Light: How to Survive the Goon (Video)

If you’re one of the many playing Dying Light right now, chances are, you’ve come across the “Goon.”

According to the game’s wiki page the Goon is, “Another physically large and strong infected, the Goon carries a sledgehammer (typically a section of concrete with re-bar acting as a handle) which it uses to smash into the ground and swing at the player. It can also use it’s arms to bat the survivors away, which works as a secondary attack.”

In other words, he’s strong, and a big pain in the ass. Fortunately for you, we’re here to help out. In our quick tutorial video above, we show you how to survive going up against this bug lug and then some.

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Keep an eye out for our Dying Light review coming up very soon.