Worlds of Magic is the First 4X Strategy Game for PS4, Expected in Q3 2015

Having now gone gold on PC with a release date of March 19, Wastelands Interactive announced they are also bringing Worlds of Magic to PlayStation 4, with launch scheduled for Q3 2015.

The first 4X game ever released for PS4, Wastelands confirms there will be “no changes in content or features comparing this version to the PC one.”

They explained what 4X means:

The game, as a true spiritual successor of the classic Master of Magic, gets back to basics of the 4X genre allowing gamers to EXPLORE uniquely generated universes, EXPAND their empire by building armies, recruiting mercenaries, and founding or capturing cities, EXPLOIT resources and factions alike to increase their own power and finally EXTERMINATE their enemies using the tools of war, magical spells and diplomacy.

Here’s many of the features you’ll find within Worlds of Magic:

  • 8 playable races (High Man, Unhallowed, Gray Elves, Draconians, Orcs, Dwarves, Dark Elves and Myrodants)
  • 7 planes of existence to roam in a procedurally generated universe maps of up to 256×128 tiles (per plane)
  • 3 gameplay modes (Domination, Battle, Hot Seat)
  • Magic system with over 400 spells divided into 13 spell circles
  • Over 10 terrain types
  • Almost 30 world resources to exploit
  • D20 battle combat mechanics
  • Experience gaining units
  • Over 80 military units
  • Over 40 wandering and summon-able units
  • Over 40 world features to explore and conquer
  • 40 heroes and champions
  • Tactical, strategic, and global spells to cast
  • Powerful artifacts to create and equip your heroes with
  • 13 pre-made Sorcerer Lords to choose from or a possibility to make your own

For a closer look at gameplay, check out this developer video, offering an overview of the tactical board:

What do you think of Worlds of Magic?