Editor’s Letter: PlayStation Vita’s Birthday Week

In my last Editor’s Letter, I talked about how we were rolling out our Indie Games Showcase program for Q1. While that’s still in effect, another theme will roll out next week, and it will be about Sony’s little handheld that could, the PlayStation Vita.

As it states in the headline, next week is the Vita’s birthday! With that in mind, we’ll be rolling out a bunch of features and videos to coincide with it, which Vita fans should like.

On another note, you might have noticed that we’ve been pushing a lot more original video content on the site to complement the slate of features we run every week. If you haven’t done so, do check our PlayStation LifeStyle’s YouTube channel for the latest in PlayStation-related game trailers, gameplay videos, early access stuff and of course, original content.

PSLS is in a good place right now, and we wouldn’t be here without the support of you, our readers. You’ll see us giving back to the readers very soon. Plus points if you (still) frequent our forums. If not, you might want to register there right now. Feel free to reach me at Twitter or via email for suggestions, comments, feedback and even ideas for what you want to see on the site.