The Order: 1886 Most Brutal Moments Captured on Video, Sackboy Easter Egg Revealed

February 20, 2015Written by Chandler Wood

The Order: 1886 released today and players can finally jump into the boots of Sir Galahad to take on a rising Lycan threat. In the battle against the half-breeds there is bound to be some blood and violence. The title received an M rating for good reason, and we’ve collected some of the most brutal moments in the game into one video. Enjoy this violent video full of breaking bones, smashed faces, and of course, the arc gun blowing off limbs.

If that’s a little too brutal for you, then this little Easter Egg should be right up your alley. As serious as the war against the half-breeds may be, Ready at Dawn still couldn’t  resist throwing us a little Sony based Easter egg in The Order: 1886. Early in the game, just after you signal the airship on the roof via morse code with Lafayette, you can find a Sackboy doll on a table that can be picked up and examined, and we’ve shown you the Easter egg in the video above. 

Check out Sackboy’s cameo in the video below.

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