5 Star Wrestling Attacks the PS3 Next Week in North America & Europe

Developed by Serious Parody, 5 Star Wrestling is releasing on March 17 in North America and March 18 in Europe for PlayStation 3, the developer announced. Available through the PlayStation Store, it’s priced at $24.99/€24.99.

The “Pro Evolution of professional wrestling games,” the primary focus of 5 Star Wrestling is to “create intense drama in the ring through use of innovative gameplay mechanics mixed with a selection of cherry-picked features from classic wrestling games.”

In terms of content, you can expect a 40-hour Challenge campaign with 128 challenges, over 400 objectives, and more moves-per-wrestler than any other game. including Finisher-to-Finisher reversals. The game also features fully customizable AI.

Serious Parody Founder and CEO Dan Hinkles talked about 5 Star Wrestling:

We’ve been working on 5 Star Wrestling for years and are excited to share our vision of what makes a great wrestling game with PlayStation 3 gamers around the world. 5 Star is built upon true ring psychology with heel and face mechanics, a revolutionary limb damage system and rivalries that impact gameplay. This game is our tribute to the genre and if you are now or ever have been a wrestling game fan, 5 Star Wrestling was made for you!

Are you going to be buying 5 Star Wrestling next week?