MLB 15: The Show Will Have Real-Time Dynamic Sun Positions and Shadows

MLB 15: The Show is due out on March 31 (and, weirdly, so is R.B.I. Baseball 15), and to get you pumped up for its imminent release, Sony Computer Entertainment has just released a short developer blog video highlighting the game’s graphics and lighting.

 According to the video, MLB 15 will feature real-time, dynamic shadows, thanks to an equally dynamic sun. Both the time of the day and the season will influence sun position, which will change the way shadows appear across the various baseball stadiums. And, speaking of stadiums, every stadium will feature correct grass color and dirt color, and will even have realistic grass patterns.

Take a look at the above video for yourself and let us know in the comments below what you think of the improvements to graphics and lighting in MLB 15: The Show.

[Source: PS Blog]