29 Screenshots, Info Bits for Tokyo Xanadu

A bunch of Tokyo Xandu screenshots show us new characters and combat abilities. While we formerly met Asuka, the new girl in the first image slide below is Sora. She’s a 15-year-old high school student with a knack for martial arts. The dude is Kou. He’s a dude named Kou.

Nihon Falcom has also revealed that the new Xanadu takes place in — wait for it — Tokyo, several years after a 7.5 magnitude earthquake left most of the city utterly destroyed. In the wake of this, the newer version of the city was built up to resist such things. That seems to be foreshadowing Tokyo’s real strength being put to the test, eh?

Combat will take advantage of different regular and special attacks, and each character will have a personal “Soul Device.” The trio will have to fight from close range and long, on the ground and in mid air. A myriad of specializations set the three characters apart from each other.

There is no official release date for Vita’s Tokyo Xanadu, but Japan is expected to receive it within 2015.

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