Nihon Falcom Unveils PS Vita JRPG Tokyo Xanadu, First Screenshots Revealed

February 28, 2015Written by Zarmena Khan

tokyo xanadu1

Ys and The Legend of Heroes studio Nihon Falcom’s latest project is the PlayStation Vita exclusive, Tokyo Xanadu. The game takes players to modern-day Tokyo where they can do a variety of tasks like go shopping, but they can also visit the “Other World” where they will be able to explore labyrinths and engage in battle. 

The game’s first screenshots below introduce Asuka Hiragi, who has returned to the city from abroad and will be investigating the “Other World” for an organization.

tokyo xanadu2

tokyo xanadu3

Tokyo Xanadu is scheduled to release in Japan this summer. Unfortunately, a Western release has not been announced yet. We’ll update our readers if/when there is an update on this.

Would you want this game to release in the West?

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