Mortal Kombat X Character Selection Screen, Skins, and Gameplay Featured in New Video

As of right now, a total of 29 characters have been announced for Mortal Kombat X, including the five DLC characters. In a new video from Mortal Kombat Community, the character selection screen is shown off, and some cool gameplay and character skins are featured.

The lengthy video starts off by talking about the Mortal Kombat mobile game and the Faction Mode, explaining that by playing the mobile game, players can unlock some nifty skins, like the Johnny Cage “Ninja Mime” skin, which you can see at around the 17-minute mark in the above video. Other various skins are shown, and some gory gameplay featuring characters wearing the unlockable skins can be watched.

In addition to this, the new character selection screen gets revealed at around the 22-minute mark, featuring 25 characters — all 24 of the announced non-DLC characters and Goro. Take a look at the above videos and let us know what you think of it in the comments below. Also, be sure to sign up for our Bloodborne, MLB 15: The Show, and Mortal Kombat X giveaway!

[Source: Mortal Kombat Community (YouTube)]