DriveClub Downtime Today Due to “Major” Server Updates

Update (9:40am PT/12:40pm ET):

Evolution confirmed, “Server updates complete. All aspects of online play are back with improved performance and stability. Thanks for your patience!”

Original Story:

Earlier today, Evolution Studios began rolling out “major updates to the DriveClub servers today to improve performance and stability for all aspects of online play,” which meant that online play would be unavailable for up to eight hours.

At 7am PT/10am ET, they updated to say, “Servers are starting to come back online but updates are still in progress so there will be intermittent outages in the next few hours.” Based on their original estimate, everything should be back up and running around 11am PT/2pm ET.

These server updates are good news for everyone waiting for the DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition. As Evolution said last month, continual server upgrades “to keep improving online stability and performance for all current players and to enable the release of the PS+ Edition and DriveClub companion app” are one of their top priorities.

Unfortunately, Evolution didn’t offer up any new release window for the PS+ Edition, so we’ll just have to keep waiting for more info.

[Source: Evolution Studios (Twitter 1, 2, Facebook)]