Report: Tony Hawk 5 Reveal Coming Soon, Revealed by the Most Unlikely Source

While the man himself — Tony Hawk — confirmed that a new Tony Hawk game is coming this year, could the game be revealed soon?

If the image below is anything to go by, the answer is yes. In a recent Instagram post by Chef Joe Youkhan, who’s the owner of the Tasting Spoon and the caterer for what looks to be the party for the game’s exclusive reveal, it shows Youkhan standing behind a logo of Tony Hawk 5.


According to a spokesperson for the Tony Hawk games said that Tony Hawk 5 is just a “working title,” and that no other news can be shared at this time.

Are you looking forward to Tony Hawk’s video game return or are you dreading what Activision will do with it once it becomes famous again?

[Source: Alex Reubens (Twitter) via IGN]