Each Mortal Kombat X DLC Patch Will Include a Free Costume

When Mortal Kombat X update 1.02 launched over the weekend, it added the free Klassic Sub-Zero costume, in addition to fixing a variety issues.

If you like getting free costumes, more are on the way in the coming months, as Creative Director Ed Boon said:

Since there are four DLC characters on the way with the Season Pass, it stands to reason you’ll be getting four free costumes down the road, but Boon didn’t offer up any hints as to what they may be.

As for when we might see Jason Voorhees, the first DLC character, Boon said, “Soon.”

Meanwhile, Boon said “it’s not” after someone asked when Tekken v Mortal Kombat is happening.

What do you think of the free Sub-Zero costume? What free costumes do you hope to see in the future?

[Source: Ed Boon (Twitter 1, 2)]