Star Ocean 5: Integrity & Faithlessness Devs Discuss DLC and Development

Star Ocean 5: Integrity & Faithlessness Producer Shuichi Kobayashi and Director Hiroshi Ogawa recently talked with Famitsu, speaking a little bit about the game’s development and possible DLC.

When asked what the team is putting most of their efforts into, the two developers mentioned that the camera is actually the biggest thing currently being worked on. Kobayashi also explained that transitions from battles to events will be seamless.

Kobayashi: I’m fixated on the seamless aspect. When you’re attacked on the field, the camera will move to a position where the player can fight without discomfort.

Ogawa: However, there is still room to adjust the camera, I think. We’re going to be touching it up until the very end.

Kobayashi: All of the screenshots we released so far are real-time. You’ll move between events and battles seamlessly.

They were also asked about DLC plans, and Kobayashi mentioned that they are not planning on creating story DLC, although did not mention which types of DLC they will be working on.

We’re not thinking about story downloadable content or a complete version. Of course, if users ask for it, the potential is there. Personally, I’m of the opinion that if we have time to make such DLC, it’d ultimately be better spent just working on our next game, as that’ll make people most happy.

What do you think of the new Star Ocean 5: Integrity & Faithlessness info? If you haven’t already gotten a chance to check out the newly released screenshots from the game, you can do so here.

[Source: Hachima Kikou via Gematsu]