Battlefield 4 Community Map Project Enters “Scale Test” Phase, Winning Map Design Shown

The winning concept of the Battlefield 4 Community Map Project has been announced, allowing the project to enter its “scale test” phase.

Concept C, which can be seen below, was the winning design. The map apparently is set somewhere in Indonesia, and the official Battlefield Twitter account noted that “Indonesian radicals have developed a new strain of virus for chemical warfare.” 

Concept C Battlefield Community Map Project

The Battlefield Blog mentioned that now that the concept has been chosen, a scale test can now be done. That means players can go to the CTE to try out a “sparse and basic” version of the map, just to “judge scale.” The Twitter account posted a short video of Senior Artist Cameron Petty talking about creating the map and showing us how he has been working on it.

After the scale test is completed, a nice little graph on the Battlefield Blog shows us that the map will enter production phase, where some serious work will start going into it.

Community Map Roadmap

Let us know in the comments below if you are planning to help out with the scale test for the upcoming map.

[Source: Battlefield Blog, Battlefield (Twitter)]