Battlefield 1 Revolution Edition, Incursions Mode Announced

During their gamescom 2017 live show today, Electronic Arts officially announced the Battlefield 1 Revolution Edition, which was leaked back in July. It’s available today through retail and digital stores for $59.99 USD, and includes the base game, all DLC up to now, and all future DLC.

Also at gamescom today, EA revealed Incursions, a competitive mode that will enter Closed Alpha next month on PC. Developed in collaboration with the Battlefield 1 community, Incursions features 5v5 battles and everything else you see below:


  • It wouldn’t be Battlefield without vehicles. Much like the Behemoths in the main Battlefield 1 experience, vehicles can turn the tide of an Incursions Closed Alpha match. But they aren’t unstoppable, and destroying an enemy vehicle can be just as decisive as deploying one.

Strategic Depth

  • Your choice in kit plays a critical role in the success of your squad, while every destroyed piece of environment can shift the entire momentum of battle. Only the sharpest strategic teams will rise to the top of the competition.

Epic Battlefield Moments

  • The impact of Only in Battlefield moments lands even harder as every point, every move, and every bullet becomes the difference between victory and defeat. Scoring has been overhauled to create opportunities for dramatic comebacks and nail-biting upsets.
  • Discover Battlefield 1 Incursions for yourself as it heads to an exclusive Closed Alpha test phase. Invitations will be limited, so register now for the opportunity to be among the first to experience it.
  • The features, content, and systems of Battlefield 1 Incursions may change between Closed Alpha and its final, finished form. This is just the beginning of a journey where the Battlefield 1 Incursions development team collaborates with the global Battlefield community to craft a long-term competitive experience.
  • This is Competitive – The Battlefield Way.

A release date for Incursions on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One wasn’t given.

The In the Name of the Tsar expansion for Battlefield 1 releases in September. It comes with six maps – Lupkow Pass (playable now for Premium Pass owners), Albion, Galicia, Brusilov Keep, Tsaritsyn, Volga River – as well as 11 Russian-themed weapons, the new Supply Drop game mode that sees you fighting for airdropped supplies, new goals and in-game rewards, and some epic Operations, including the Brusilov Offensive.

The final two expansions for Battlefield 1Turning Tides and Apocalypse, will release in December 2017 and early 2018, respectively.

[Source: Battlefield, PlayStation Blog]