Destiny’s Trials of Osiris Gameplay Revealed, Rewards Discussed

Destiny‘s House of Wolves expansion is launch on May 19, and with it will come a new weekly weekend PvP activity called Trials of Osiris.

Trials of Osiris will be only be playable on certain one Crucible map a week, and players can only play the new match type “Elimination” in Trials. Essentially, “Elimination” is a 3v3 match where players are not allowed to respawn, although they can be revived. The first team to effectively eliminate the opposing team wins. Like in Iron Banner, Trials will take into account players’ power and level. 

However, players will not simply be able to participate in Trials of Osiris right away. Bungie has said that players will need to get a Trials Passage first, which can be obtained through some early story quests in the House of Wolves DLC. These Passages expire after either nine wins or three losses, and they must be brought to the Reef after this to receive a reward. At any rate, once that a Passage obtained, players will then have to create a team of three on their own, as Trials will apparently not allow matchmaking.

As for rewards, Trials will give players better rewards depending on how many wins their Trials Passage card has when it is redeemed. Two wins bring you to the Stone tier, three wins to Bronze, six wins to Silver, and eight wins to Gold. It is not yet known what will happen at nine wins. Apparently, players will be able to purchase things at their tier or lower, so getting a high number of wins is pretty important if you want to get nice items.

Think you might want to try out Trials of Osiris when Destiny‘s House of Wolves releases next month? And be sure to check out the fifteen minute gameplay video of the upcoming PvP activity, which can be seen above.

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