Battlefield Hardline’s Criminal Activity DLC Will Include Four Maps, New Vehicles

May 8, 2015Written by Jason Dunning


Highlighted by the Battlefield Twitter account, Visceral Games Multiplayer Producer Zach Mumbach was interviewed on a recent Don’t Revive Me Bro podcast, where he revealed some information about the first Battlefield Hardline expansion pack, titled Criminal Activity.

Broken down by MP1st, Mumbach says Criminal Activity will include four new multiplayer maps, two of those being night maps. As he explained, the night maps will be brand new and not “re-dos of the main game.”

You can expect the maps to take place in modern settings like California and Florida, ranging in size and featuring a little more destruction. There’s also going to be some new vehicles, but it doesn’t look like that will include new planes.

As revealed when EA announced the Premium subscription for Hardline, the Criminal Activity launches in Summer 2015 and members get two weeks early access.

If you aren’t a Premium member, Mumbach says new content like weapons is coming your way. “We’re obviously doing a ton of Premium stuff,” he said, “but we’re also going to support players that just bought the game and aren’t necessarily Premium.”

[Source: Don’t Revive Me Bro (Twitch) via MP1st, Battlefield (Twitter)]