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Rumor: MediEvil PS4 Footage Leaks Out (Update)

Update 2:

The video is actually a fan-made demo created in Unreal Engine 4. For more details, click here. Show’s over, folks!

Update 1:

Commenter DaGreat Doc Timpkins posted another video in the comments, and we’ve added it to the post. It’s just as short, but it’s better than nothing.

Original Story:

Remember action-adventure game, MediEvil? Yep, the one starring the Sir Daniel Fortesque? Well, it seems the franchise might be making a comeback on the PlayStation 4.

Over on Twitter, user RIESGOYFORTUNA tweeted what seems to be a short MediEvil PS4 gameplay video where we see Sir Dan walking. There are also a few screens which you can view below.

However, don’t take this as a confirmation just yet. There’s a chance that this is a fake, a canceled project, or something that really leaked. We’ve emailed Sony to ask for an official statement and will update the post if and when they respond.

While MediEvil wasn’t as big of a franchise as Crash Bandicoot, it’s understandable if some PlayStation gamers would want to see the series comeback on the PS4. We did see Sir Dan in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, but that doesn’t really count.

Would you want to see a new MediEvil game on the PS4? Could this game be one of Sony’s big E3 surprises? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

[Source: RIESGOYFORTUNA (Twitter), NeoGAF