Destiny Connection Recovery Feature Coming Next Week, Hot Fix Previewed

To help deal with issues where players would be kicked back to orbit due to basic network problems, Bungie is introducing something called Connection Recovery to Destiny next week.

Matchmaking Engineer Damian Frank discussed this new feature in the Bungie Weekly Update:

If you encounter the most common kinds of networking problems and lose your connection to the game you’re playing, Connection Recovery will leap into action and attempt to reconnect you. It won’t always work, because the underlying networking problem may be too severe, but it gives you a fighting chance at rejoining the server you were playing on. If it’s successful, you’ll keep your progress and your Fireteam.


And here’s what will happen when Connection Recovery is needed:

When you encounter a recoverable error, your screen will fade to black, as it always has. A message will inform you that we are attempting to reconnect you and will tell you what kind of error you’ve encountered. After a short time, you will either be respawned in the game or you will be returned to orbit.

At first, Connection Recovery will be limited to Trials of Osiris. Then, once they learn more about the feature, Bungie plans on expanding it to “almost all activities – if all goes well.”

Earlier today, update 1.2.0 for Destiny officially went live, marking the first of two updates to pave the way for House of Wolves on May 19. The second update, a hot fix titled, will go live before House of Wolves on May 19.

We’ll have full details about next week, but until then, here’s a preview of what the hot fix will bring, which includes the Connection Recovery tool:

General (PvP)

  • Added a new Daily Reward package upon completion of the first game in the Daily Featured Crucible playlist
  • Added Passage Coins to reward streams across all playlists, including the Daily reward package
  • Increased Crucible Mark drop rate across all playlists by 100%
  • Increased Crucible Reputation earnings across all playlists by 100%
  • Increased Rare Weapons and Gear drop chance for completing games across all playlists by 100%
  • Added Legendary Weapon drops into the Crucible reward stream across all playlists
  • Added Dark Below maps into all Crucible playlists for all players to enjoy (Pantheon, The Cauldron, Skyshock)

Iron Banner (PvP)

  • Adjusted the power curve for Iron Banner playlists to accommodate the competitive range of power in House of Wolves
  • Across one Iron Banner event, players competing in Iron Banner with more than one character on the same account will receive a reputation boost for the lower-ranked characters to reach parity with the higher-ranked character more quickly
  • Six additional Iron Banner bounties have been added to the bounty rotation
  • Removed an errant buff from Iron Banner Control playlist
  • Etheric Light will now be available at Ranks 3 and 5 in Iron Banner


  • The Cryptarch will no longer convert newly acquired Legendary Engrams to Shards (possibilities include gear/weapons or exotics)
  • Daily Heroics will produce Motes of Light in lieu of Shards
  • Ascending: Year 1 Legendary and Exotic gear can be upgraded to the highest power levels available in Year 1

User Interface

  • The Control UI above the mini scoreboard has been fixed & returned to the players HUD


  • Added a new “Connection Recovery” System: Specific player networking problems will now be fixed instead of kicking affected players to orbit; This will be enabled first for Trials of Osiris and rolled out to other activities over time

Are you ready for House of Wolves?

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