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Mass Effect Project Director Casey Hudson Joins Microsoft Studios as Creative Director

In August last year, we reported that Mass Effect Project Director Casey Hudson left BioWare and EA for something else. Now we know where he landed and it’s none other than Microsoft — parent company of the Xbox brand.

Announced via the Xbox Wire, Hudson will serve as Creative Director of Microsoft Studios and will work on the HoloLens program. He will directly report to Kudo Tsunoda, CVP of Next Gen Experiences. 

Here’s the announcement in full:

Today, we’re proud to announce that Casey Hudson has joined Microsoft in the role of Creative Director at Microsoft Studios, where he’s working on Microsoft HoloLens, Xbox, and other awesome projects. He reports directly to Kudo Tsunoda, CVP of Next Gen Experiences, in this new role and he’s currently busy relocating from Edmonton, Canada to his new home here in Redmond, WA.

Over the course of his 15 years at BioWare/EA, Casey has led the development of several of the industry’s biggest and best titles. He has brought a natural leadership style to his role at the helm of teams that have included over 200 developers, providing a vision for the creative, technical, and business aspects of some of gaming’s most important franchises. His role as Project Director placed him in charge of the creative and operational vision for development of franchises such as Mass Effect and Star Wars, while his responsibilities as Executive Producer involved a broader business strategy for expansion to other media. Since 2000, Casey has led teams in the development of major “event titles” that went on to achieve both critical and commercial success, giving him one of the most outstanding track records in the history of AAA game development.

With a degree in Engineering and a passion for art and music, Casey applies a full-spectrum approach to his pursuit of delivering the most exciting and memorable entertainment experiences in the world. We recently sat down with him to discuss his new role at Microsoft, and the exciting things that he will help us achieve with Xbox and HoloLens as we look to 2015 and beyond.

You can check here for the official announcement that also houses a small interview with Hudson. 

Needless to say, the Mass Effect franchise wouldn’t be what it is today without Hudson’s input. We wish him all the best at his new gig even if we won’t get to play whatever he cooks up. 

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