Ultra Street Fighter IV On PS4 Gets a Launch Trailer, Will Support PS3 FightSticks

Available next week as a digital-only title on May 26 in North America and Europe for $24.99/€24.99/£19.99, Ultra Street Fighter IV for PlayStation 4 received a launch trailer today, giving you a look at the gameplay and content.

In a big news update, Gio Corsi, Director of Third Party Production, confirmed that Ultra Street Fighter IV will include Lab Zero’s drivers, which allows you to use licensed PS3 FightSticks, in addition to PS4 FightSticks. More details about this will be available on Capcom Unity after May 26.

Ultra Street Fighter IV on PS4 also includes 1080p/60fps gameplay, all DLC launched up to this point (including the most recent Vacation and Wild costume packs), and no input lag, as Corsi explained:

A few of you hardcore Street Fighters out there said that there was minor input lag in the controls of Ultra Street Fighter IV for PS3. Well, don’t worry: We’ve eliminated it to make the PS4 edition the ultimate version on any platform!

Do you plan on buying USFIV next week?

[Source: PS Blog]