Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Getting Legendary and Retired Gear Classes Next Month

Sledgehammer Games recently announced that two new gear classes will be coming to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare next month.

Legendary gear and Retired gear will both be coming to Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions of Advanced Warfare on June 9, with the PlayStation 4 and PS3 versions of the game presumably getting the gear classes in July. Legendary gear, Sledgehammer explained on its official website, is one step above Elite gear, and can be obtained through Supply Drops. The first gear set will be “the uber-rare Sentinel CI (Counter-Intelligence) Gear Set,” Sledgehammer wrote, and it is comprised of eight separate pieces.

The Legendary class kicks off with the uber-rare Sentinel CI (Counter-Intelligence) Gear Set. There is currently only one set in existence, awarded to the very first Grand Master Prestige player in Advanced Warfare, and this is now your chance to collect the rarest gear in the game.  This set of eight pieces can be unlocked via Supply Drops and Advanced Supply Drop and each Item is highlighted purple in the Armory with the highest redemption value in the game.

The other new gear class, Retired gear, is pretty much what it sounds like. Certain pieces of gear will become “retired,” meaning it will be taken out of Supply Drops and Advanced Supply Drops. Players who already have the gear will be able to keep it, but players who do not have the gear will not longer have a chance to get it. The first round of Retired items will be:

Retired Weapons Advanced Warfare 

What do you think of the two new upcoming gear classes in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare? Do you already have the above items, or will you be scrambling to get them before they become “retired?”

[Source: Sledgehammer]