Destiny’s Elimination Mode Included in Standard Crucible Playlist Rotation

You won’t have to wait for the weekend to fight other players in Destiny‘s Elimination mode anymore.

While the mode was originally only available through a weekly event called Trials of Osiris, starting today the Elimination gametype has been added to Destiny as a standard Crucible mode. While the core, 3v3 combat is still the same, a few changes have been added to the mode. Bungie has outlined what the those changes are on their official blog:

  • Power Advantages are disabled – just like all the other standard Crucible playlists

  • Skill-matching is enabled – we’ll try to find you an equal match based on your Crucible statistics

  • Teammate Matchmaking is enabled – we’ll find you allies for your mission to eliminate the opposition

  • Map cycling is enabled – it will be rare to play on the same map twice in a row

  • Rewards are standard – you’ll benefit from the new Crucible reward matrix, including more Marks and Legendary items

Unfortunately, Bungie has said this mode is only temporary, although it did not mention when it would be taken out of the Crucible playlist rotation. Will you be playing any Elimination mode matches?

[Source: Bungie]