Report: Destiny’s The Taken King Expansion Launches September 15 for $39.99

Following a trademark and Red Bull ad earlier this year, Kotaku received marketing materials for the next Destiny expansion, The Taken King.

Corroborating the leak with other sources, the sheet says The Taken King will launch on September 15 for $39.99, complete with a new subclass for each of Destiny’s three classes. Additionally, a new elemental super ability is coming for each class: an electrical storm for Warlocks (arc); a gravity bow for Hunters (void); and a flaming hammer for Titans (solar).

The Taken King should also include new Strikes, new Crucible maps, and a raid against Oryx, Crota’s father, who leads a new army called the Taken.

When contacted, Bungie declined to comment on the leak.

In their latest Weekly Update, Bungie confirmed that they’ll be attending E3 2015, so it’s possible we’ll get our first look at The Taken King next week.

What do you think about The Taken King’s potential offerings?

[Source: Kotaku]