Bungie is Attending E3 2015, Will “Have Some Things to Tease”

Potentially where they’ll give us some details on the rumored The Taken King content for Destiny, Bungie revealed in their latest Weekly Update that they’ll be attending E3 2015:

And, we’ll see you at E3. That’s right. You might have seen mention of Bungie this or Destiny that on E3 schedules. We’ll have some things to tease. Wouldn’t miss it for the world.

If the Destiny PlayStation exclusivity deal is still ongoing, Bungie could show up during Sony’s press conference on Monday, June 15.

Also in the Weekly Update, Bungie revealed that they’ve raised over $1 million for the disaster recovery in Nepal, after selling gear through the Bungie Store.

Here’s what Thomas Tighe, President and CEO of Direct Relief, had to say:

This was an astounding act of generosity on the part of Bungie and the larger Bungie community, and we at Direct Relief are deeply grateful – beyond what can be expressed in words. Most importantly, the Bungie community’s amazing support will translate immediately and directly into help for people in Nepal who experienced a tremendous blow, are in a very difficult and more vulnerable situation now as monsoon season nears, and also have a long, tough road ahead. Every penny will be spent to help strengthen essential health services that were needed before the earthquakes and much more so now.

With Activision matching a $50,000 contribution from the Bungie Foundation, fundraising is now over.

If you ordered a shirt, they are shipping right now on a first-come, first-served basis. As for those in-game Shaders and Emblems, expect them to arrive this summer through Tess, following an undated game update.

[Source: Bungie]