Resogun Update 1.07 Rolls Out, Fixes Enemy Spawns and More

Possibly the best PlayStation 4-exclusive to come out during the console’s launch, Resogun has been given a new update by Housemarque, and it might be the last title update the game sees when it comes to fixing issues.

Check out the host of tweaks the studio has included in title update 1.07.

-Fixed enemies sometimes not spawning correctly while Overdrive is active.

-Fixed multiplier sometimes being displayed incorrectly when starting Arcade Hero.

-Fixed a corner case where player would get killed if they got hit in the same frame they activated Bomb/Overdrive/Boost.

-Fixed shared multiplier occasionally behaving incorrectly in Arcade online multiplayer.

-Fixed issue which allowed both players to trigger a bomb at the same time in online Multiplayer.

-Fixed some boost and score-related Feats not unlocking under certain circumstances.

-Fixed “Houses made of glass” Challenge not ending correctly if Phase 20 is completed.

-Fixed some minor sound effect issues during gameplay

This is (hopefully?) the very last bug fixing the game needs.

Are there any more bugs that need to be squashed in Resogun? If so, make sure to let Housemarque know.

[Source: Housemarque]