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Sony E3 Press Conference Live Stream

Finally! The long wait is over. After a ton of E3 news and announcements, it’s time for the big one — the PlayStation E3 press conference is here.

Check the video above for the Sony E3 press conference live stream, which is the highlight of the day for most of us.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve quite a significant amount of features about Sony’s upcoming E3 presser. We’ve spoken out on what we think will happen at this year’s E3, ran a feature on what we can expect from Project Morpheus, and even detailed what we expect from Sony’s first-party studios. 

But regardless of what we say, we hope we get blown away by what Sony decides to show on stage. Will The Last Guardian make an appearance? We certainly hope so. Let’s just pray there’s not another “Powers moment” during the event.

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For the complete E3 2015 press conference schedule, click here. Don’t forget to check our E3 hub for all our E3 coverage.

Check the gallery below to see which games we think might steal the show.

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